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Stock Market And Trading

Certification in Online Stock Market for Beginners 

is a perfectly designed stock market basics course, 

to create a powerful knowledge bank on various tools 

and techniques required to understand the functioning of capital markets.

Enrolment Fee is  200/- Only

What you’ll learn

  • The Need to Invest

  • About Stock Exchanges

  • The IPO Markets

  • Stock Markets Index
    & Market Cap

  • A Stockbroker

  • Clearing and Settlement Process

  • Technical Analysis

  • Understanding of Biggest Stock Market Scam

  • Prospects on Finance


  • Live classes – 40+ hours of live classes

  • Peer Discussions – 15+ hours of Peer Discussions

  • Networking- Associate and Network with people with similar career goals and interests

  • Doubts and Queries- Doubts and Queries can be cleared by the Mentor

Peer-Training Content

Day 1
•What is the Stock Market?
•Brief about BSE & NSE
•Brief about SEBI
•Brief about global market
•Why do people invest in the stock market?
Day 2
•Stock market terminologies
•Animals representing stock market
•Brief about inflation & demand-supply mechanism.
Day 3
•Types of securities
•Primary and secondary market
•When and where to invest
•Financial intermediaries
Day 4
•About Hedging
•About speculator
•About Arbitrage
•Money market
•Capital Market
•How are IPOs in the market brought?

Day 5
•Growth and value investing
•Investing Vs Trading Vs Gambling
•About large, mid and small cap companies
•Market capitalization

Day 1
•Fundamental Analysis :
-P.E ratio
-Liquidity ratio (current & quick ratio)
-debt equity ratio
-Du Pont Analysis

Day 2
•Continuation of Fundamental Analysis
-Financial statement Analysis
-Telling about annual reports
-Brief about director/auditor report and notes to accounts.

•Discounted cash flow
Day 3
•Technical Analysis
-Types of chart
-Dow theory
-candle sticks pattern
Day 4
•Continuation of Technical Analysis
-SWA, WMA and EMA theory
-2+1 EMA strategy theory
•Explain about the algorithm behind macd and ema settings

Day 5
•Continuation of Technical Analysis
-Bollinger bands
-Explain about the algorithm behind bb and rsi settings.
•Breakout and reversals

Day 1
•Continuation of Technical Analysis
-All chart patterns
-Volume trading
Day 2
•Continuation of Technical Analysis
-Support-resistance and price action strategy
-pivot standard points
•Brief about risk reward ratio
•Detailed explanation and importance about stop loss
•Brief about trailing stop loss
•Brief about wipshaw
Day 3
•Forward & Futures
•Option and swaps
•Case study on aforementioned with imaginary examples
Day 4
•Payoff of long & short futures
•About call & put options
•Payout of call & put options
•Detail about capital Market efficiency
Day 5
•Explanation about which news to follow and which sources to visit
•a guide to complete tradingview,, etc for Technical analysis

Day 1
•What is a portfolio?
•What is portfolio management?
•About diversification of portfolio
•Portfolio management ratio
•Portfolio returns
Day 2
•How to pick stocks?
•Strategies to keep in mind before investment and trading
•Explaining which time frame is suitable for which pickups
•What percentage of income should be invested in securities?

Day 3
•Brief about mutual funds
•Brief about ETFs and index funds
•Brief about gold and government bonds
•Brief about cryptocurrency
Day 4
•Case study of Harshad Mehta
•Case study of Satyam scandal
•Case study of Vijay Mallaya
Day 5
•Brief about finance-related degrees

•Brief about internships in finance and investment

When you complete our 30-Days Live Peer Training course, you will receive a
certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers
and potential employers.

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