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Python Programming

For the tech enthusiast in you, learn python a general-purpose programming language 

used for web development, AI, machine learning and developing video games.

Enrolment Fee is  200/- Only

What you’ll learn

  • Python 3 Programming Language

  • How to set up Python

  • How to use Python functions

  • Iteration, selection and sequention.

  • Take your programming skills to the next level!

  • Create an OOP architecture: Classes, Objects, Inheritance and more

  • Start with Python Object-Oriented Programming.

  • Learn Object Orientated Programming (OOP) in Python

  • Apply OOP to handle complexity

  • Make your own Python programs

  • How to Read/Write files


  • Live classes – 40+ hours of live classes

  • Peer Discussions – 15+ hours of Peer Discussions

  • Networking- Associate and Network with people with similar career goals and interests

  • Doubts and Queries- Doubts and Queries can be cleared by the Mentor

Peer-Training Content

● Introduction to python programming
● Why python?
● Basic Python Syntax
● Indentation Rules & Comments
● ‘Hello World’ in Python
● Variables and Datatypes
● Type Conversion
● Python Operators
● Python Conditional Statements
● Loops in Python
● Python Strings and Numbers

● Python Lists
● Python Tuples
● Slicing in Python
● Python Sets
● Python Dictionaries
● Booleans in Python

● OOP Concepts
● Classes in Python
● Dunder
● Methods
● Generators
● Inheritance
● Functional Programming
● Lambda Functions
● Built-in Functions
● Decorators in Python
● Closures
● Regular Expressions in Python.

● Modules vs Packages
● Numeric Modules
● Counter, sys modules
● DefaultDict and orderedDict modules
● Random Module
● DateTime and calendar modules
● pip and PyPI packages

● Read/Write Files in Python
● OS module
● Rename/Copy/manage files in Python
● Zipping files and directories.

When you complete our 30-Days Live Peer Training course, you will receive a
certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers
and potential employers.

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