Frontend Development


About the course

The person who is responsible for programming and coding of web-based services and websites is called Web Developer

What you'll learn

➢ Python 3 Programming Language
➢ How to setup Python
➢ How to use Python functions
➢ Iteration, selection and sequention.
➢ How to Read/Write files
➢ Make your own Python programs
➢ Start immediately
➢ Start with Python Object Oriented Programming.
➢ Learn Object Orientated Programming (OOP) in Python
➢ Apply OOP to handle complexity
➢ Create an OOP architecture: Classes, Objects, Inheritance and more
➢ Take your programming skills to the next level!

Course content

1. Introduction to HTML
-What is Html and comments in HTML
-HTML Tags and Elements
-LISTS (Unordered and ordered lists)
-Attributes in HTML
-Images in HTML
-Developing a simple webpage
2. Installation of Visual Code
3. Developing a payment form using HTML

1. Introduction to CSS
Adding CSS to HTML Page

2. Styling with CSS
Color and Borders
CSS Units
Text and Font styling
Background styling
Margin and Padding in CSS
Box Model

3. Creating First Resume page Using HTML and CSS
4. Flex
5. Responsiveness Design
What and Why responsive Designs
Measurement Units and Viewport Meta Tag
Media Queries
Desktop First vs Mobile First

1. Bootstrap
Frontend Framework
Bootstrap Breakpoints
Grid System and code using Bootstrap Grid system
Bootstrap Components

2. Mini Assignment using Bootstrap Exploring
Stretched link

3. JavaScript Intro to JavaScript
Datatypes, variables and chrome console.
Functions -> Variable length, Scope, Declaration vs Expressions
Arrays -> Introduction to Arrays, Functions on array and Iterating over arrays.
Objects and collection

1. Continue JavaScript
Timing Events
Event Handler
Constructors and prototypes
Strict Mode
Class Expression and Hoisting
2. Based on JavaScript will Perform Projects-
Development of Digit Up Counter web page
Catch me if you can game (Container will move when the cursor pointed on it)
Or any project

3. Understanding and Accessing DOM
4. Basic Intro to Git
5. Intro to React JS
6. Implementing Webpage with help of React JS

When you complete our 30-Days Live Peer Training course, you will receive a
certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers
and potential employers.

Enrollment Fee is 200/- only.


● Live classes – 40+ hours of live classes
● Peer Discussions – 15+ hours of Peer Discussions
● Networking- Associate and Network with people with similar career goals and
● Doubts and Queries- Doubts and Queries can be cleared by the Mentor

Get Started Now!

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2)Will there be any certification for a digital marketing course?

Absolutely! The Digital Marketing course does provide you with a certificate which is very worthy and valuable in the job market.


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