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Everyone has learnings and valuable experiences in her/his life. In peer discussions, students discuss various doubts about the skill and also discuss their life learnings in domains of education, school life, college life, relationships, family, friends. Students share their valuable experiences which can be an incident or real story

Yes, you will get a certificate for the skill. The certificate will also mention your performance throughout the batch period.

You will get a batch syllabus pdf made by a mentor and other experts in the skill. Pdf will contain the list of curated resources and other useful content which will help you to learn your favorite skill efficiently.

If you are someone who is willing to learn the most demanded skills of the 21st century then you should join the Batch for your favorite skills and become an expert in it, in order to achieve your dream job, or achieve your career goals.

When people with the same purpose unite on a single platform, they can help each other and can learn any skill very easily.