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Peer Live Batches

Peer Power Club helps to make learning affordable and easy for anyone who possesses a strong desire to learn.

We make small groups of students, provide them the environment they need, and make learning an exciting task.

Our aim is to reach out to as many people as we can and help them with our resources and guide them in their learning process.

Our ultimate mission is to help students in the process of their desirable skills.

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web development

The person who is responsible for programming and coding of web-based services and websites is called Web Developer


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App Development Using Flutter

If you are someone who is interested in app development and wants to learn how to build an app from a single code then this course if for you.

Stock Market and Trading

For the business man in you, learn everything there is to know about stocks, shares and trading.

Ajay Sharma | MBA, Finance And HR

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Digital Marketing

If you have are persuasive and have a creative side then this course is for you. Learn the ABC’s of digital marketing and become the best in the game.

Neelanjana Roy | Market Researcher@Dabur India | Content Writer @Publicis Business | Digital Marketer@Magic Bricks

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