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Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies via the internet, social media, mobile phones, or any other digital medium. It is also an umbrella term that encompasses different marketing strategies such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing.


Technological advancements have made it fairly easy to measure the efficacy of
marketing campaigns through digital analytics dashboards such as Google
Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Adobe Analytics. The future of marketing is
way beyond the traditional marketing and now, marketing is majorly based on the
Digital Sphere. The scope of Digital Marketing provides some of the most
powerful techniques of marketing where traditional modes of marketing fail.
The great panjandrum on Digital Marketing over industrialists is to empower them and to optimize their start-ups in the quickest possible and most cost-effective fashion. Future of digital marketing is going to be more encompassing in 2018. Undoubtedly, it is an undeniable fact that there is a great scope in digital marketing.

Who should learn this skill ?

Digital marketing is the latest trend in the business world. Be it a startup or a multinational, it is a necessity for every organization to obtain higher revenue and build its brand value. To be precise, digital marketing is the online selling strategy for a business, customized according to its target audience.
Hence, be it a professional, a student or a businessman, learning digital
marketing offers them an upper edge in the fast-paced industrial era.

Work Experience, Work Life Balance !

Any company that will hire you as an artificial intelligence worker will surely ask you about minimum one year experience. It’s a quite stressful job but one has to balance its life. One should spare some time for himself so that he or she don’t get wear off by job. He or she should be satisfied by the work he or she is doing, it should make them happy rather than making them stressed.

Job Availability & Average Salary

Digital Marketing is all about promoting businesses online. The average salary of a beginner in digital marketer is 10K to 15k but it increases with higher positions
and more experience. There are various kinds of profiles associated with it. Most prominent ones are:

● Head of Marketing: You have to monitor the overall work in the below mentioned segments.
● Social Media Marketing(SMM) Specialist: You are supposed to develop a distinct online presence through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.
● Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) Specialist: You have to develop strategies to increase the traffic of a website by optimising web pages.
● Search Engine Marketing(SEM) Specialist: You are required to run paid campaigns like Google Adwords etc. to drive more traffic to your website as compared to the organisation’s competitor.
● Mobile Marketer: It includes app-based and SMS Marketing
● Affiliate Marketer: It includes other businesses(affiliates) to sell your product. It can be through any app or website.
Both executive and managerial jobs exists in corporate hierarchy. Job profile mainly depends on expertise and experience.

Time Needed to Master the skill

One needs more than five to six months to learn the skill. If you want to be a
professional then you need a certificate of artificial intelligence, diploma in
artificial intelligence, an undergraduate degree in artificial intelligence as well as
a postgraduate degree in artificial intelligence. Then only you can say that you are
master of the skill

Books for this field

• Learn Android Studio
• Android app Development for dummies
• Android cook book
All the above books help you to read about this field nearly and will provide you
more thoughts about this field . It will provide you full knowledge and also teach
how to control problems in this field.

Resources to learn the skill

You can learn this skill by joining an institute which provide artificial intelligence
courses or by taking it as your major in in your graduation. Today there are many
videos available for these courses. If anyone is interested then he or she can also
get materials from internet as well.

How can PPC help you to learn this skill ?

It will provide you all the materials through which you can achieve the skill you want to learn. It will tell you about every detail of the dream job you want to do
and will provide you guidance to walk on the path of your choice.