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Communication Skills And Public Speaking

For the leader in you, learn how to communicate in a formal setting and enhance your public speaking skills with the help of this course.

Enrolment Fee is  200/- Only

What you’ll learn

  • Identify key principles of effective public speaking

  • Speech & Body language development

  • Self-development and Self-help Topics

  • Types of Communication

  • Use of correct Grammar

  • Soft Skills Development

  • Practical Application of Communication

  • Keys to impactful and successful public speech


  • Live classes – 40+ hours of live classes

  • Peer Discussions – 15+ hours of Peer Discussions

  • Networking- Associate and Network with people with similar career goals and interests

  • Doubts and Queries- Doubts and Queries can be cleared by the Mentor

Peer-Training Content

Needs and expectations evaluation

The basic elements about public speaking

Reviewing and discussing effective public speeches

Plenary discussion and review of participants public speeches

Communication and its importance

Practical group work and exercise

Lesson - Public Speaking

Importance of Body Language and how we use it

Group Discussion: How do we do it?

Non- Verbal Communication Techniques Barriers and,
Operational Communication

Prepositions and words followed by prepositions.
Concord (Agreement of the Verb with the Subject).
Error Analysis( Correction of Errors in a given sentence - errors in the use of words - errors of Indianism - use of slang - errors in punctuation)

Qualities of a Good Leader
Leadership Styles
Decision Making
Intrapersonal skills
Interpersonal skills
Problem solving
Critical thinking
Negotiation skills

When you complete our 30-Days Live Peer Training course, you will receive a
certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers
and potential employers.

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