C++ Programming


About the course

C++ is an object oriented programming language which gives a clear structure to programs and allows codes to be reused. So, if you are someone who loves tech then this course if for you.

What you'll learn

➢ Python 3 Programming Language
➢ How to setup Python
➢ How to use Python functions
➢ Iteration, selection and sequention.
➢ How to Read/Write files
➢ Make your own Python programs
➢ Start immediately
➢ Start with Python Object Oriented Programming.
➢ Learn Object Orientated Programming (OOP) in Python
➢ Apply OOP to handle complexity
➢ Create an OOP architecture: Classes, Objects, Inheritance and more
➢ Take your programming skills to the next level!

Course content

Geting started with C++
Introduction to C++ Programming
Learn DataTypes, Variables & Operators

Learn Conditional & Control Statements
Understand Arrays, Strings & Pointers in C++
Functions in C++
Project or assainments

OPP in C++
Learn I/O Streams
Dynamic Memory
STL in C++

Understand Exception Handling
Signal Handling
Multithreading in C++

When you complete our 30-Days Live Peer Training course, you will receive a
certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, relatives, co-workers
and potential employers.

Enrollment Fee is 200/- only.


● Live classes – 40+ hours of live classes
● Peer Discussions – 15+ hours of Peer Discussions
● Networking- Associate and Network with people with similar career goals and
● Doubts and Queries- Doubts and Queries can be cleared by the Mentor

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