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In learning you will teach, in teaching you will learn

Why should i provide mentorship on peerpowerclub


Make an impact on the world by teaching students real life skills, after all students are our countries future.


Work in an environment where students are eager to learn and teach. Be a part of their peer group!


Be your own boss, get to set your classes according to your time schedule.


Earn a little extra income by mentoring!


All your headaches are ours, focus on mentoring students while we handle all the technical work.

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Pradyot Parashar Java Programming

Hello!! This is Pradyot Parashar the mentor for JAVA Programming at Peer power club and have been associated for one month with the organisation and Internshala helped me in joining this wonderful team. With the starting of my internship I was given one batch to handle, leading to train almost 30 students coming from different states of the country and bringing various aspects along with them. This experience not only helped me to look into their different pictures of perceptions but also motivated me to adopt numerous interesting methods like practising the practical questions which can be used to make the class more interactive as well as lively. The students remarked that they have learned JAVA, one of the complex programming language in a captivating manner. Honestly, I've discovered so much from them about their culture, belief, and mindset. Therefore, Peerpower is not just an organisation but a revolutionary platform where students absorb and grasp the knowledge imparted to them not just theoretically but also practically.

Manasvi garg Python Programming

Hi, this is Manasvi Garg, mentor for python at Peerpower Club. I have been associated for a month with Peerpower Club and Internshala helped me in joining the team. Though I have handled only a single batch till now and trained almost 30+ students all over India, I have had immense pleasure in teaching them python and making them have a good command over the language. Classes have been interesting as each student took an active part in the class and made each session productive for them. The students say that they have learned and gained a lot of knowledge about the programming language. And honestly, I too have discovered so much about them be it their culture, belief, or the mind-set. Peerpower Club is not just an organization but a platform where you can definitely enhance your skills and learn more effectively. Having like minded people around you definitely makes the learning process a lot easier and fun. This is the place where we can experience and learn around people who want you to grow and become a successful person in life.

Krishna Soni Stock Markets and Trading

Hii, This is Krishna Soni, I was Mentor for stock market and trading programme at peer power club for September month. I got to know about this through internshala and got a call from PeerPowerClub for an interview and luckily I got selected. It was a one-of-a-kind experience and I thoroughly enjoyed working with such amazing people. I'm not saying it because of any biases but rather it is the platform that is building the careers of those who have joined this. And I'm one of them. Whether as a mentor or as a student, you got to improve many things along the way. Boosting confidence, preparing for the opportunities, building a great network from all over India are a few. And the best part is students can learn any desired skill at a negligible amount which are very costly otherwise. In a very short span of time I made a lifelong bond with amazing students and my colleagues at Peerpower club.I look forward to associating again with Peer power club where working was more of a fun interaction than of work. Sending all my best wishes for future projects.

Anto kriston Communication & Public Speaking

Hi, this is Anto Kriston mentor for public speaking and communication at peerpower club and have been associated for 4 months, LinkedIn helped me in joining the team. Until now I've handled 2 batches and training the 3rd one now. I've been pleased to be training 120 students around India till now. Each student comes from different parts of the country. Through them I'm seeing a different picture of how to interact with students and the best possible way to make the class interesting. The students say that they have transformed themselves with the help of the class. Honestly, I've discovered so much from them be it about their culture, belief, and mindset. Peerpower is not just an organization but a revolutionary platform where students ask and learn what they want to learn, not what the teacher or organization wants them to learn. This is the place where we can experience and understand India without traveling. You are welcome to be a part of this revolution!


    Anybody who posses the particular skill and is dedicated towards the process is welcome to be a mentor.

    By the end of the course you will receive a certificate for your mentorship and you will also get to interact with students from all over the globe.

    Each mentor will have a maximum of 50 students under them that they will have to supervise.

    You just need a laptop, a tab or a mobile phone to conduct these classes and you are good to go!